Generating a strobe effect with intensity change


Not sure if anyone in here understands what an atomic strobe is, I am looking to create a control that runs almost exactly the same and the strobe that is built into VDMX does not seem to offer that. Any suggestions to a simple strobe feature that works will in your projects and what works for you?



You could stack your strobes or even strobe layers with screen or additive modes of opacity?



Are you able to send me a project file so I can see what you mean or are you able to send me the sequences of how this is setup in the layers?



There are a number of ways to recreate this effect (IMO), but might wrap around your preferences.

In this example, I used a line generator in a layer to overlay a few FX and create a simple strobe that varies based on audio levels.

In this version, I have it paired to a single button on my midi controller and it is using the midi push value to adjust the intensity.

Atomic Strobe (12.0 KB)