Fulldome fragment shader


Hello people! I upload a fragment shader to be able to play fulldome content in VDMX. You have to load it in the library and choose the video source. Once the video source has been chosen, you can rotate the content. (For example, you put it on the left channel and tell it to read equirectangular files from the right). I have modified the file minimally from the OMNIDOME software (https://github.com/.../omnido.../tree/master/src/integration/isf) I modified the file minimally because the problem I saw from the original is that did not scale to fulldome size, it maintained the equirectangular dimensions 2: 1 and the content was mirrored. In this way I think it is more useful to mix video. The final output can be sent to other software such as Blendy Dome VJ to project, for example. The shader I think it does as the function of the plugin 360-VJ for Resolume (https://github.com/DanielArnett/360-VJ/releases) If someone thinks of an ideal layer / canvas setup to use comment, please I’m not an expert on VDMX, but maybe it would be best to send the output of the mix of x channels to the video source. I hope you find it useful. regards
Equirec_OMNIDOME_mapping_converter VDMX.fs.zip (3.0 KB)



Waoh that’s really amazing !
thank you for sharing your work !

now I have to find a dome to test it ! Let’s go build an igloo :)



Hey @CtrlZ
You can test it on a virtual Dome.
Check this ones:

Here you can get a lot of useful info:




and there is only 24 hours a day …



Hey @OriolP, thanks for sharing my Resolume plugins. I thought VDMX supported FFGL plugins. I don’t have any VDMX experience besides a quick demo. Could you check and see if my plugins work? I also have a new release coming out in a few days which will support 32bit and 64bit for FFGL versions 1.5 and 2.0, for Mac and PC.

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Yup, FFGL plugins should work in VDMX!
But ISF is also nice because you can open them up and see the code :)



Hi guys!
@DanielArnett I tried to install your plugin in VDMX but I couldn’t load it :S it’s weird cause I tried different folders but I couldn’t see it in the library. In Resolume 6 works perfect.
Would be nice that @davidlublin confirms if it’s working.
@DanielArnett gonna follow you on social networks and gonna tell you if it’s working with the new version, of course.
Also to congratulate you for your nice work with the plugin. Gonna need more time to adapt shaders to ffgl, there are some patterns there how to do it.
Cheers mates



So I wonder whether vdmx uses 32 bit like Resolume 5 and older or 64 bit like Resolume 6 and newer. Only my newest release is 64 bit, so maybe go back and try the 32?



Also just look for “fragmentShaderCode” if you want to see the algorithm for any of my shaders. Here are the four shaders.



VDMX should support both 32-bit and 64-bit FFGL plugins; I haven’t tried these ones personally, if you can’t get them to work I’ll give it a try over the weekend.
(except in 10.14 where 32-bit stuff isn’t supported at all)

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With a quick test, it looks like the FFGL plugins worked in VDMX as FX… except for the ‘Fisheye-Rotation’ one.

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@DanielArnett @davidlublin The problem I see is that the output after applying the FX is not scaling to fulldome size 1:1 but if you choose the video source as I modified in the fragment shader is working nice cause you can scale the source and the output. Seems that in Resolume you can scale the slice (layer source) and the output (screen1).



@davidlublin @OrioIP Thanks for checking! Yeah in Resolume I have to make sure the layer I’m applying the effect to is set to the same resolution as the composition. Not sure why. Orio are you saying that if you play with the settings you can get it to work?



@DanielArnett Yes! If the layer source you modify the resolution to 1:1 format and you apply your plugin as an FX works perfect. Thing is I don’t know how to do it permanently. When I modified the size was just for a moment, when I play another stuff and come back to layer in vdmx, the layer came back to original size. Maybe @davidlublin knows if is possible to do it. BTW the plugin/shader is working in another mode, that is the important thing.



Hi! @DanielArnett was my fault…it’s working perfect in VDMX…just need to put the sizing mode to STRETCH and then the resolution will be same as output and the conversion to fulldome is perfect. Thank you

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