Full screen output: How to output the whole screen to two displays


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When I set two outputs displays VDMX tries the project/ map the main canvas across both of them. I want to output the whole main canvas to a mixer/crt monitor and the whole of the main canvas also to a projector. How do I do that? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks



Hi @Laura_Clare !

So yes, this might be a little odd, but to make VDMX mirror the same output on two different projectors you want to go to the Advanced Output Options.

First go-to Window > Fullscreen Options.

Then click on Advanced:

In this image you can see that I have two separate outputs (My main display is actually the one all the way to the right!). You can change the layout of these and their “locations” using the built in Display setup on your mac under system preferences > displays.

Back to the Advanced tab. The VDMX window is showing you all the displays. From here you can actually customize your outputs (A LOT!)

I think the easiest way to get started is to click the + icon and create two new outputs. You’ll get a full screen prompt message, just click okay. Take the top layer and select your main output. Then click “Export CSV” and save it somewhere on your computer.

Go to that file and open it up with text editor.

Mine ends up looking like this after I’ve modified it:

So what this is saying is. Take “Main Output” from coordinate 0,0 to 1920, 1080 (basically a full 1920x1080 resolution) and display it at at these coordinates and at this size. Full the screen and don’t crop it.

What’s nice is I can set my output to be any size screen resolution, or I can tell VDMX to make multiple “slices” of video and display them where ever.

Here’s the actual CSV I used: DualWindowLayout.csv.zip (693 Bytes)

Then I go back to VDMX and click Import CSV:

Both your windows should full screen and essentially “mirror” each other. You can play with the Stretch, Copy, Fill, and which outputs you want to change after you’ve imported the CSV.

Let me know if you have any questions about your setup.

Lastly, if you are just mirroring one screen or another you can do that in your apple display preferences:

This lets me pick which ever screen I want to mirror. (On OSX 12.0.1 Monterey)




The advanced output options are really worth looking at particularly for installations. Good mini tutorial above from @ProjectileObjects and worth testing. There’s also the option of a HDMI or SDI splitter for mirroring outputs which would be simple but has an extra cost for hardware.

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