Full HD feed from iOS device


When I connect my iphone as a live camera source, I’m not getting the resolution of the camera (1080p), just the iphone’s screen resolution. I’m more familiar with OBS, where I can set the resolution to “High” and get full HD. Is this possible in VDMX? I’ve just started using this software and can’t figure out how to change this.



I’ll put it on some support notes. I know in the latest iOS and OSX the phone streaming isn’t working correctly. Are you connecting your phone via USB or wirelessly?



USB. Using an app to control camera settings (MoviePro) which works fine direct to OBS, where I can choose the resolution. Also I’m using an iPhone SE from 2016 with iOS 14.4.2 if that could be the source of the problem, and Mojave on a Mac Mini 2012 (i7). I have other iphones/cameras set up to stream wirelessly vie EpocCam and Iriun Webcam apps - I’ll check and if I get full HD from them (or if I don’t) I’ll let you know. Thanks :)