.FS shaders stopped working - why?

I’ve been fooling around with these shaders for a few months, and they’ve suddenly stopped working in Magic Music Visuals. They kinda/sorta work in Apple Motion, but seem to be missing a few sliders. Any clue as to why they won’t work?

I zipped up the following shaders:
Sort Smear 01
Sort Smear 02
Watercolor Smear

Shaders.zip (4.2 KB)

Hey! I tried with ISF editor. Watercolor is working and for the 2 Smear shaders, you have to delete varying declaration and will work.
Good luck

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Could you elaborate what varying declarations are?

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Yes please, what are varying declarations? I’m a rudimentary user, I can edit the code, but please be more specific? Edit meaning cut/copy/paste. I have NO IDEA what it does. I’m a music composer, not a coder.

Do you mean this?

varying vec2 left_coord;
varying vec2 right_coord;
varying vec2 above_coord;
varying vec2 below_coord;

If so, is there anything else?

Yes, delete varying and save file and will work. Good luck

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Tried that, and it still didn’t work. I’m using them in Magic Music Visuals. Most importantly, the Watercolor Smear is the one that doesn’t work at all, unless I put it in Apple Motion.