FreeFrame Preset Saving issues

So, I could be doing this wrong, but… I’m having issues saving my FreeFrame presets. I’ll load the source, set the preset and save it under a new name. Then I’ll change it over to another FreeFrame Source and do the same, but when I go back to the original Freeframe source, the preset is gone? Shouldn’t it still be there?
Any suggestions or is this a feature instead of a bug?

(Just updated to VDMX5_b9.9.2.0, on Monterey and on a 2021 Macbook Pro M1 Max, but I’m pretty sure this has been doing this for a while. )

Are you running VDMX under Rosetta 2 or natively (Apple Silicon)?

Natively - should I be running Rosetta 2?
I’m also having a lot of issues with it hanging on startup. I thought I had that sorted, but it just started hanging again today and I have a show next weekend that I’m starting to get nervous about. Would love any insight to both of these issues, if you have it. Thanks!

Are you talking about Layer presets of UI Inspector presets?

This sounds like some other issues.

A few Qs:

  • Try deleting VDMX, restarting, and reinstalling.
  • Make sure VDMX has full disk access privileges.
  • Make sure you have more than 80% of your internal SSD free. If you have <80% free, your disk is most likely struggling to deliver fast read/write speeds.
  • If you have files that are causing the hang, you can try to isolate which folder / files may be causing the issue: Fixing Common VDMX Issues | VIDVOX Documentation. Or look at your mac console and see if any errors pop up.
  • Does the hang presist with b8.8.0.9? The main benefit of using b9.9.2.0 is for OSX 14 users who were experiencing crashes.

Maybe others have some thoughts as well.

Thanks, yes I’m pretty sure the issues are not related.
And yes, I only moved to b9.9.2 last week. because I was having issues with my previous version, which I believe was b.7.2.4, so it’s a relatively fresh install. I could do it again, but honestly, even when I did the fresh install, it didn’t start right away anyway.
And it’s not hanging on clips, it’s hanging on something else, because I just opened an empty project file and it still crashed on opening.
And yes, I have well more than 80% free on my laptop.
And thanks for the link, but there wasn’t anything there that was related to my issue, sadly.
I’m pretty dumbfounded by this, as I have used VDMX pretty extensively for the past 15 years and even used it on this machine in the past regularly without any issues. I have a pretty killer set planned for next Saturday, so I’m disappointed that it’s not working.
If you have any other ideas for troubleshooting, I’d love to hear it.

Try creating a new user profiles on your mac and installing VDMX. Ive done this a bunch of times to see if its related to my install or the system operating system.

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I would try b8.8.0.9 that’s been out for almost a year now. You can find it in the forums. b8.7.2.4 doesn’t work on M1 mac, and has a lot of known issues with OSX 12+

b8.7.2.4 is recommended for mac before 10.15 so it’s possible you have some older projects or incompatable plugins that wouldn’t be bundled with b.

I’d say give b8.8.0.9 or even b8.8.0.5 a try. (links to both can be found on the forums!).

Ah, I’ll do that, thanks! I did have it installed on an 2019 Macbook pro, and even that stalled when I opened it from the program (I forgot what build # it was). I seem to have better luck with it when I open directly from the project file. I’d love to have a stable version on my primary machine, though, as I don’t have steady access to the 2019 machine. I’ll try the secondary user install test – thanks!

ah, thank you! I’ll give that a whirl – much appreciated!

Any ideas on the FreeFrame issue? I’ve kind of given up on making that work, since I’m pretty wrapped up in just making sure my program loads properly, but it would be great if the presets worked. Thanks!

Could you record some video of what’s happening and share it here? That will give us a better idea of what’s going on. Thanks!

@ProjectileObjects – That would be rad if you can review this and hopefully, I’m just doing something wrong here. :sweat_smile:

Here it is on Vimeo, since it looks like Dropbox isn’t working:

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If the above doesn’t show up for you, let me know the best way to share. It’s currently on Dropbox, but I can move it to Vimeo or YouTube if needed. Thanks!

This is great! Very helpful. Is there a way you can share some of these FreeFrame plugins with us? I don’t have any installed on my current machine :upside_down_face:

Looks like they are running well on your machine. There’s an update about the older 32bit ones no longer working. [here]

[Update Oct 8, 2019: For compatibility with macOS 10.15, older 32-bit FreeFrame plug ins are no longer supported by the latest version of VDMX, only 64-bit FFGL. If needed, please email us for a legacy version of VDMX.]

I want to troubleshoot from my M1 Max MBP running OSX 12. Another possibility, is to add the FreeFrame “source” to a media bin with the settings and see if it saves those. It could be a bug with how VDMX is trying to save it, because as soon as you change the source, it’s actually removing your preset. (I’m wondering if the preset is being paired to the FreeFrame plugin itself vs the layer source, and then exactyl where the bug might be!).


Thanks, I’ll try that.
So it sounds like I’m doing this correctly? and it’s just the way the program operates? I think I had deleted them as source items in my media bins at one point, since I thought they were the culprit causing VDMX to crash. I’ll see if I can find them and insert them into the media bins again. I believe I have some other generative items in my media bins that do seem to be saving the last setting they were used with, so hopefully that is a fix.
As for sharing them, I believe I bought them through Motus Lumina. In order to respect his work, I’d rather not share them, but I will look to confirm and I’m happy to share any that I didn’t get through him.

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Woot! yes, that fixed it! Thank you! I’ll go through them tonight and put them all in – much appreciate your help!

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