Free Stuff. - Video-Loops and R-Arena Plugins of ISF remix Materialt

My free WorkOut project
“50 Shades of ISF for resolume”

OK my frinds @ VIDVOX and Video-Artist on by VDMX5 or some others Soft, this post hafe entrys for Resolume-Arena!
!!! Bud to somthing for all other Video-Artists hu not works on Arena!!!

U find some Video-Loop’s in 1080p DXV3
Wath the f… . i die with DXV3, U ASK!?
No Problem Go Go The Resolume Website ( ) ans DL the free Converting-Tool “Resolume Alles”, or just the QT-Codex DXV3 install it ans convert the Video-Loop’s. By using Alley U just can go to proRes or Motion-JPEG, nur by installing the Fullversion of the QuickTime-Player U hat ab mass of codexes for the conversion. I to think of U hafe QT in U system installed ans install Ally or the DXV3-Codexpack only, U will find in all Programms hu use QT (like VDMX FinalCut or a mass of others) automaticly the DXV3 Option under the Codexselections after the install of DXV3. Go on and hafe moor posibilitis at QT by installing DXV3. This Codex ist well in-of for 1080p, Resolume B.V. say’s it works fine for 4K, but bennoH. tell a noder Story. It hafe noth the necessary Colorspaceposibilitis and of corse not the neceessary Bandwitchposibilitys (mB/s) for 4K. This is easy to understand, and all over wear we work with realtime Video at many layers and by use live Effects to, a unclost Problem in the hole Industry at this Time!! Becuse If u use a hi Codex witch hafe real 4K Quality so U Programm will crash shurly, bud If u are a real Videi-Artist hu works with 5-12 Videoloops in seam Time / or Generators, and in eatch of IT U use some effects to. We all not hafe light based Computers or quantum-Maschines.

A Nividia RTX 4090 or a higer GPU can handel one or meaby 3 real 4K Outputs, but no and never 12 or 20 4K-Signals in the Aplication at realtime. No GPU on the Market can do this. In this Case i do not support at this time 4K. Everione of U hu go’s and pay som 4K Beamers giv just a givt to the industry and mak’s a massiv ocologic misstac. And to overpay the Stuff at this Time 10x.
Cheers. bennoH.

bennoH. works since 38 jeahrs in the Brodcastsector, as producer at smal TV-Stations, or as Editor and Regisseur in Production-Studios, was haffe a own smal Videoproduktion Company witch was die Jobs for IBM ad wel for the national realway SBB of Switzerland and meny Others,
As bennoH. and Video-Artist he works since 2001 in Clubs and at Events main with Video-Visuals but to with ShowLasers

And my god Boys and Girls stop the slang VJ for a VideoDJ, this is fik. A VJ ist a Videojurnalist and the meam was User die this Long before Video-Artist was Born in the purpos of nie, so meaby U at VDJ’s but no and never VJs.
I build Out at localvTVs Journalist without of Video Knowhow, to ad this, hold and Shot with a Camcorder, do Interviews by use Videocam and smal light, do HardCut and Ovspeak recording. That is wath do a VJ.

OK and Cheats again by bennoH.


Hello I have created 78 plugins for Arena (Avenue) and some content that everyone can get for free through my blog.

The plugins are mostly based on fragment shaders from ISF and Shadertoy and have been complemented with additional wire nodes.
3-4 are standard wire patches without using an ISF node or fragment shader.
All plugins and contents are published under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.
I packed the plugins and contents into a Resolume Arena composition and provided many presets to give you a quick overview of the plugins’ possibilities.

Go to my blog post about the project:

read the corresponding project PDF (available via my blog)!
And then follow the instructions in the blog post, or send me a verified email to the address bolded there, asking for the DL link.

Some Featcher plugins contain 3D realtime influenceable objects and others were created with fractal formulas, all contain much in arena (avenue) controllable options.

Cheers bennoH. Easter 2023

Mein freies WorkOut Projekt
“50 Shades of ISF for resolume”

Hallo ich habe 78 Plugins für Arena (Avenue) und einige Contents erstellt die jeder kostenfrei über mein Blog erhalten kann.

Die Plugins basieren zum grösten Teil auf Fragmentshadern von ISF und Shadertoy und wurden mit weiteren Wire-Nodes ergänz.
3-4 sind standart Wire-Patches ohne ein ISF-Node resp. Fragmentschader zu Nutzen.
Alle Plugins und Contents habe ich unter einer CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Lizenz veröffentlicht.
Die Plugins und Contents habe ich in eine Resolume-Arena Composition gepackt und mit vielen Presets versehen, damit Ihr schnell einen Überblick über die Möglichkeiten der Plugins erhaltet.

Geht auf meinen Blogbeitrag zum Projekt: … r-resolume

lest die zugehörige Projekt-PDF (verfügbar über mein Blog)!
Und befolgt dann die Anweisungen im Blogbeitrag, resp sendet mir ein verifiziertes Email an die dort fetgelegte Adresse, mit bitte um den DL-Link.

Einige Featcher-Plugins enthalten 3D realtimbeinflussbare Objekte und andere wurden mit Fraktalformeln erzeugt, alle enthalten viel in Arena (Avenue) steuerbare Optionen.

Viel Spass bennoH. Ostern 2023