Frame rate slow down with M1 Max MBP


Hi All,

been having some strange issues with VDMX on the new M1 Max with 64GB ram, all is fine for about 30 minutes - all works as should do and all runs fine

Then after this time I start getting weird frame rate slow downs and the frame rate display in the preview window drops from 120 to sub 40 and have had some weird UI glitches

Restarting VDMX seems to solve the issues but then I have the same issues

It kind of makes running. show from it impossible at moment, so would love to find a solution

MBP 12.4 VDMX b8.8.0.4

Thanks all in advance for any smart ideas !




Hi Dan,

Can you submit a bug report using the built in Help menu bug reporter (and say what you’re experiencing).

The 64GB version of the M1 Mac has been strange this year. With 12.2 .qtz files didn’t work at all, and now with 12.4 you’re getting frame throttling. Can anyone confirm if this was happening with 12.3?

I have the 32GB version and haven’t experienced any of these, I wonder what it is with the 64GB models?




Hey yes I will do for sure, thanks for the reply. That’s so odd the ram makes a difference to such things. I am running a mix of Hap clips, H.264 clips and ISF shaders in the project, do you think its worth removing the h.264 clips for HAP ? or dropping the shaders ? cheers Dan



What are you playing when the preview drops from 120 to 40? If you are playing ISF shaders, they will run as fast as they can 100+ fps average, but if you play a video clip that is 30 fps, preview should play that clip at 30 fps.