FPS counter

could 'it be possible to have a FPS counter in VDMX and even more in the ISF Editor ?

I’m running a shaders in the ISF Editor which looks fine but when I get it in VDMX it’s seems a lot slower ?!



The Preview Window plugin in VDMX can be used to show an FPS meter.

I don’t think we’ll add this into the ISF Editor in the near future, but if you get the Syphon Simple Client you can use that as an FPS monitor for the ISF Editor (as it publishes its output to Syphon…)

(as for differences in performance, my guess would be that you are rendering them at different sizes… the ISF Editor defaults to 640x360, whereas in VDMX you are probably doing 1280x720 or higher…)

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I didn’t know for the preview as I don’t use it to reduce cpu ^^
and for the difference you are right (once again) in fact it was logical …

The FPS meter in the preview doesn’t add a lot of overhead, we just find it to be distracting during a live performance so it is defaulted off.

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