.Font list Text Source long list


I recently noticed that the font list in the Text Source plugin has some nasty font names in it’s list. These are probably hidden system-fonts. I don’t want to see them in my fontlist. It’s ugly as hell. Can i delete those fonts from within VDMX or at least hide them? I don’t think it’s a good idea to delete those fonts from my system since they are part of MacOS.



Hi @vjslof, Maybe this is something that could be fixed in a future iteration of VDMX?

But, I’m not sure you can remove those.

I personally, just scroll past them without a care.



i regret that i upgraded my nicely running machine with MacOS 10.7.5 and VDMX to Catalina. It’s a living hell to get all those nice Kineme Quartz Composer plugins running again. Vuo isn’t it just for me personaly yet. Luckely i have a spare machine running all that old stuff but cannot register that copy of VDMX because the registration-server can’t handle MacOS 10.7.5 machines anymore.



Feel free to email vidvox support and ask about running VDMX on an older machine 10.7.5. As for Quartz Composer… Well Apple set out to kill it long ago. Where things will go next with the Apple Silicone and Intel split is going to be… (fill in the blank).