First show: Live band -- what audio interface

Preparing for a first show with some friends, live band with a standard mix of instruments. Small venue.
What would be a preferred option for an cheap audio interface? Seems like it’d be too difficult to use the on-board mic. Hoping I can get a feed from the sound board and route XLR to this new device that I don’t yet have. Any suggestions?
Not sure how many gigs I’ll get into, but not afraid to throw a few bucks down to make using audio analysis more reasonable.

Is there any reason not to get this?

Even though I’ll likely be just getting the kick drum - would hate to not be ready in case I could get something else

That should be fine. I’d just read some reviews on it and make sure it is compatible with your machine, and that other users haven’t experienced any issues with the hardware or firmware. You can get a line in to your mic jack or use a USB C 3.5mm mic in for something coming out of an audio board, but if you want to bring in XLR or 1/4" an external sound card is the way to go.

The Yamaha MG10XU might be of interest. It’s a mixer with audio interface. It only is 2 in 2 out over USB. I use it in my studio and for live performances, it works great as a source in VDMX. Used it recently with an M1 Mac Mini.

You can find these cheaper than list price, and there are other models. The ones with a U at then end have built in interfaces.

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Can anyone recommend an affordable HDMI splitter? either 1x2 or 1x3… something to help potentially with HDCP issues. I’m fairly certain I’ll just be running 1x HDMI from my Trashcan Mac Pro to the projector, but just in case theres any issue, what’s a decent option y’all keep in your bag.


I have one of these.


It says clearly in the description that it won’t extend the monitor- so how will this work to have VDMX run fullscreen and be able to see the interface?
Or is it not accurate that it doesn’t extend the desktop

I’m confused by your question. If you output your second screen over HDMI into an HDMI splitter, it is going to split your output into two identical HDMI streams.

Assuming you’re on a laptop, your VDMX setup would be on your laptop screen, and your HDMI output would be fullscreen for the show.

Extending a monitor would mean you connect to this device, and it gives you two separate HDMI outputs like a Matrox Dual Head 2 Go