I’ve been tinkering away at an FFGL plugin framework for Rust.
It supports both resolume and VDMX, so you can make plugins that work on both apps.
I’ve implemented an ISF system (not that useful for VDMX, I know…)

I’ve just updated it with helpful documentation and an actual crates.io page:


  • Nice structured logging with the tracing crate
  • Build-time errors for invalid glsl
  • Rusty helpers for abstracting plugin Instancing & statics

My plans from here:

  • Interop with Metal/WGPU then eventually Bevy
  • Cross platform to Windows Resolume

If this interests you, please let me know!


Sounds great​:love_you_gesture:, especially since I’ve become a lover of ISF with the ResolumeWire ISF-Node and use it to build a lot of my own plugins for Arena/Avenue, but I moved away from Apple over a decade ago, they’ve become unbearably arrogant and their prices are pure fantasy which no longer have anything to do with the hardware performance delivered today. That’s why I would advise you to get a quick version for Windows and not to use Metal but Vulkan, I’m just saying SPIR-V shaders! This is the affordable, freer future and the successor to the GLSL, which made ISF possible. With only the best regards and wishes from mountainous Switzerland, by bennoH.:hamster:

Thanks for the feedback!

I’ve actually found the recent Apple Silicon macs quite impressive, I came back to them from using Windows for ages. I only ever buy them second hand though ;)

From my understanding, if I implement Metal interop, then I can use translation layers that use Metal as a base for Vulkan and WebGL frameworks, with SPIR-V translation. Naga supports SPIR-V translation on many platforms.

All that’s required for Windows support is:

  1. Edit the ffgl-core/build.rs file to link in the OpenGL headers that the FFGL source requires
  2. Write an example script that will put the compiled dylib in the correct location for windows and run Resolume with some nice logs.

I don’t use windows much at the moment. If helping to get Windows working sounds interesting to you, get in contact with me at dev@edt.nz


Thank you very much for your great and quick answer. Yes, I’ve also thought about getting an Ocasion Mac because there are some interesting things, especially in the graphics and video areas. My Finalcut Studio Licez is also lying idle and FinalCut was my beloved editing software that no one could hold a candle to, Motion was also quite ok. But I already know how it would end, I’m in for a lot of trouble, but I still entertain the idea from time to time. Above all, I don’t want to support such an isolated digital world and Apple’s almost unbearable arrogance today; I’m a bit of an idealist. But your information about SPIR-V compatibility is awesome and you’re obviously a real crack when it comes to such things, which is why I really appreciate your information about direct contact and it could well be that I contact you at some point. With only the best wishes and greetings, bennoH.
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