FeatureRequest -Package and Save Project

I would love to be able to save a project with all it’s resources, copied to a new new folder.
It would be handy for setting up backup machines and also archiving projects.

It could even include options to grab any plugins of FX.

I would use this alot :slight_smile:

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Hey Baja!

I think this feature request has come across our plates a few times before; we probably won’t add this as an official feature into VDMX, though we have discussed the idea of a standalone utility that does this for project files, or something like an export dump to a cvs file.

One big issue we had was on dealing with assets like QC and Vuo compositions, which may contain 3rd party plugins or reference media that we might not be able to track down so easily. To release an official utility and not do a good job covering everything was a bit of a sticking point for us, but we’ll give it another round of discussion if people think a utility that did a partial export would be useful.

As an aside on this, VDMX project files are xml files that can be opened up and it is easy to parse certain data from them, as it is in the case of media files.

For example, if you open a project in a text editor, you’ll see a section called ‘projPages’ and within that you’ll see a lot of these:

<string>/Users/davidlublin/Movies/18.02.26-Main Output-18.33.20.mov</string>

This can be useful if you are trying to accumulate a list of all the media files in your project.

PS. In the future I’d suggest tagging feature requests in the ‘VDMX’ category! Global is more for people to connect internationally / in different cities ;)

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