Feature request: option to add newly synced folder content to end of Media Bin

Hi, I frequently use Ableton Live automation to fire clips in my Media Bin using “Trigger by Index.”

I have categorized folders of clips set up as pages in my Media Bin, such as “Black and White” or “Tunnels.”

From time to time I would like to add new clips to these folders of content, and use the “Sync contents with folder on disk” option to automatically pull the new clips into my Media Bin.

However, VDMX adds the new clips to the beginning of the Media Bin, which throws my previously automated clip indexes off in Ableton.

It would be great if there were an option in the Page Inspector, below the “Sync contents with folder on disk” option, to specify whether you would like new clips to be added to the top or the bottom of the Media Bin. Then I can opt for them to be added to the bottom, and my existing clip indexes will stay intact.


I’ll have a look into this… do you think it’d be worth going a step further and having an option to auto-sort by name as well?

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Good idea!
Sort by name, by date of creation, by duration (of time or beats) or by Class (photo, mov, qtz etc) would be useful. Similar to cmd + J in OSX.

And if you want to go further, the option “tags” or “flag” to sort by personal preferences or stars, for example to place your favorite media in the columns above always. It’s one thing that I always have to do by hand. if I can predict my means, I would only do it once, not in each project. Although this is asking too much already, David :-)
As a general rule, always name the media incrementally and with durations almost always that they are 4s 8, 16s etc. It is easier then to use the tempos.

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