Feature Request: group osc data per project

I use OSC extensively for my projects and often work on multiple projects together.
The way VDMX handles the osc paths and groups them under a single tab it can become quite confusing to manage. Even just for testing something new, you still have to navigate between every other project OSC path.

Something like this would be a nice feature to have:

But it could also be per file basis.

Obviously you could rename all in a logic manner with all caps, dashes and slashes and go by eye :face_with_monocle:, but still, I think being able to see all the osc paths from every other projects that you cannot even access, is confusing.


I didn’t give this a reply, but thanks for the suggestion and mock up ;)

Just to clarify one small note here, the dedicated OSC data sources can already be set up to have sub-directories as part of their internal address path, as in the attached screenshot…

I’m guessing you used this technique to create the second image?
And you were suggesting that we add the ability to have the top level groups in addition to this?

Thanks for the answer!

Actually I didnt know about that!. I tried doing project1/example project1/example2 from the source OSC Address Path and it obliviously didn’t work. :sweat_smile:

Could you clarify better what you mean by this?

In reality no I just thought about having more organization for the osc addresses would be a good thing, especially to clean the clutter from other projects addresses that can share similar name thus being confusing to identify quickly.