Favorite freebies


Okay, so we have a bunch of our own freebie apps that you all know about and love…

but what are some of your other favorite / can’t live without apps that cost you $0 to use?


To start this off…

MIDI Monitor!

I still sometimes make use of this QuickTime based batch exporter from time to time for legacy codecs…

At this point it is probably due to die off but SoundHack was always pretty handy,

Figure53 has some nice open source freebies,
(in particular an MTC timecode viewer and an app that sets your desktop to black)


The AVF Batch exporter would be my favourite and one I use regularly for converting videos to either Hap Q or Hap Alpha


ffmpeg command line (video converter)
gimp (free toshop)
Inkscape (free illustrator)
blender (3DS Max)


They aren’t free, but I really like Affinity Photo / Designer as affordable / non-subscription alternatives to Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator.


forgot this one
https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/fr/products/davinciresolve/ (video / audio editing)


MidiPipe - for most things Midi in/out
Google Sketchup for quickly visualising placement of screens, fixtures (and musicians).