Falcon v3 LED controller & Artnet via VDMX -> need some help

Hey there,

I did master a lot of VDMX since jumping on the train in November last year. But now I’m really stuck and need some advice.

I got my hands on a Falcon v3 PixelController. I try to control 6 strips of 150 LED each wow WiFI. I configure ArtNet through the Falcons web interface. From what I understand every stripe of LED should be assigned a single Universe.

Now I put my first stripe to universe 0. Import a Video to DMX plugin and bring a Solid Color on Layer one -> Yellow. Despite setting the pixels to 150 in the plugin only the first 100 LED light up in the color and the LED 101 to 150 are just white. I was unable to find a solution for this.

When I plug a second string and assign it to universe 1 and use a second Video to DMX plug in and a second layer with a different color -> Red it gets worse: On strip 1 the LED 101-150 now turn to red but flicker heavily between red yellow. As do LWD 1-100 on strip 2. LED 101-150 on strip turn solid yellow. As they wehre the the 50 LED not functioning properly on strip 1.

The flickering show me there is a signal interference. I assume i did not assign the universes, subnets or ports right but I’m completely lost. I will include a screenshot of how I set up the universes inside the falcon web interface:

Sorry If I did describe this to complicated. I’m not a native speaker and a DMX/LED n00b too. But I hope someone can help me solve this somehow…

Your colors are set to GRB. Are the strips this way or are they RGB?
(I have never used this interface before so no expert ;) )

They are GRB!

Just some 10 minutes ago I finally figured it out. The Video to DMX plug needs to be set to 1 x 150 px. When creating a new plug it’s 4 x 8 and somehow this was messing with everything. Without changing stuff on the board it all works super fine now.