Fading 2 media while 1 looping in the background

Hi There,

I would like to mix video #1 and video #3 while fading in and out from video #2.
Video #2 has no audio so I only want to play out video #1 and #3’s audio. Video #2 should work only as a transition layer which is playling back-2-back in the background and used whenever it needed.

this is an example video:


Can you please help me how to set up layers/mixers?

Thank you,

Hi Andras -
Have a look in the VDMX Templates menu - try ‘4 Channel mixer’ - that should work.
Or - try ‘Simple Mixer’ - and just add a new layer, and in the layer inspector,
keep your new layer above the other two layers. Fading the opacity up/down of that new layer, will obscure or reveal the mix underneath…

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