Extract presets from a project



In the last month I wasn’t working on a liveset so I only “noodled” around - so I wasn’t keen in having a tidy UI - in other words I used VDMX in a sloppy way. But there are some very nice presets inside.

Is there a way to arrange everything as I want to (as in have a neat tidy beautiful window arrangement) and load my presets into that without losing the window positions / loaded plugins etc.? I tried to disable everything I could in the presets manager but somehow there is too much information saved and I have the feeling this is not possible at all.

Does anyone have an advice on how to extract those presets? Do I have to (re)create them from scratch in a new project where I setup everything as I want beforehand?




You can copy workspace presets from one project to another. Just use the Copy/Paste buttons in the Workspace Inspector.


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Ah sweet! Thanks for the hint!