Extract presets from a project



In the last month I wasn’t working on a liveset so I only “noodled” around - so I wasn’t keen in having a tidy UI - in other words I used VDMX in a sloppy way. But there are some very nice presets inside.

Is there a way to arrange everything as I want to (as in have a neat tidy beautiful window arrangement) and load my presets into that without losing the window positions / loaded plugins etc.? I tried to disable everything I could in the presets manager but somehow there is too much information saved and I have the feeling this is not possible at all.

Does anyone have an advice on how to extract those presets? Do I have to (re)create them from scratch in a new project where I setup everything as I want beforehand?




You can copy workspace presets from one project to another. Just use the Copy/Paste buttons in the Workspace Inspector.




Ah sweet! Thanks for the hint!



But make sure when you restore that preset you disable all of the thing you don’t want to restore.

Seems like you only want to restore window positions?

PS the details box below each preset where you do all the enabling and disabling is terrible.
It takes forever to try to enable and disable the things you want. And I’m pretty sure the copy and paste doesn’t work.

Remember when you restore that preset to then make a new preset with all your new elements.
And double check that all the restore options are checked



Have a look at

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