Existing audio/video

Greetings, I am completely new to VDMX and was wondering if it is suitable for use with existing audio and visuals. For example, say I have a track that I already have recorded, and may or may not have some existing video that goes with it, is VDMX good software for enhancing/manipulating this existing content, or is it more built for live input? Can it beat sync existing audio files without any issues? Lastly, do I have to be a programmer or exceedingly savvy to get good use out of this software?

Thank you for your insight.

Hi @jotocokado,

(I’m biased), but I would say VDMX is great for remixing existing videos. Just look at some of the artists who use it on the regular: https://ellingson.tv/

Beat sync is another thing. There are a number of ways to customize VDMX the way you prefer, but figuring what you like will take some time getting familiar with the software. That’s why we recommend downloading it and running it right away. The demo is fully functional except for the ability to save projects (you’ll understand why after you dive deeper into it).

It’s also designed to take the programming out of performing. You can get more advanced down the road, but you don’t have to code to use VDMX.

I use another similar “VJ” soft.
Suitable for post-processing?
Well, yes and no.
Yes, because you can quickly get effective and meaningful results in real time.
However, compared to video editing software, A) neither very precise nor in real 4K quality B).

A) since a timeline is missing or an internal midi sequencer (at least with my manufacturer), you cannot improve effect behavior or anything else like in AfterEffects or FinalCut if you do it live (in real time) and save it in VJ soft. The recording function itself is more of a nice encore function, which is quite useful and can be integrated in VJing, but timing errors that you make when performing/entering live cannot be corrected in an editor window or somethin after. What I always criticize about Resolume is the competition.

B) because these programs are designed for real real-time akrobatics with video, so that you can run 5 - 12 videos at the same time, each with 2-3 real-time effects and some from it’s as code (similar to C) that directly addresses the APIs of the GPU , other are pure video codexes, but also have to run real-time network capabilities in order to integrate and/or distribute video signals live, via NDI or Siphon/spout. Is that even with highly complex hardware feasible only with limited video quality resp., rather narrow, slim video codexes are used for this department and the entire conception is geared to real time and not to quality. Manufacturers often claim that 4K is possible. Yes, if you have a truck full of equipment at your disposal, halfway. HDR color spaces as standardized, you can immediately remove make-up and thus 4K can never come out of it. Very easily! In addition there would be the max data rate/s etc. . The video codexes that are recommended do not bring that in the 4K required mass. And if you use Other, you can forget the many tracks and live effects, so no VJing at most a broadcast studio with 4 sources and a master.
So I limit myself to 1080p that works and so closely corresponds to the video codex.

But that gratifying at the end!
You really don’t have to be a programmer, know something about video editing or how to apply Photoshop effects or anything like that would be beneficial.
But these software products in the VJ area are more geared towards intuitive use. You don’t even need a manual for many things. But there are many YouTube tutorials and they are usually quite good.

As already recommended to you:
Download the trial version and play around with it.

For the real post-processing of high-quality video clips, etc., I have to urgently recommend the usual video editing software. Almost free, DaVinciResolv is available in a free version without all the featchers.
My favorite used to be FinalCutPro,
Adobe After Effect or a little more complex NokeX, you can also have a look.
For simple use, there is also a mass of free simple video editors today.

With greetings from Switzerland bennoH.