How many effects can I use on top of each other. Because when I use over fore my computer quit, the program shutting down. And I have an MacBook Pro 13 inch M-1 from 2020. I love lots of effects on top of each other, at the same time. So how to maximize my computer, the program? Any suggestions about computers?

Sincerely Annika

You should be able to add way more than that. Try and replicate and send a message to support.

A few questions:

  1. Which FX (QC / Quartz Composer or .FS shaders).
  2. Are you running VDMX under Rosetta 2 or natively?
  3. Are you running VDMX b8.8.0.9?
  4. How much memory is in your computer 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB? If so, how much is free in the activity monitor while you are running VDMX (before applying FX).
  5. What type of media are you applying the FX to? If Video, are you using the HAP codec or a CPU intensive codec such as H.264?

That sounded nice that it should be able with many more effects on top of each other.
I will do that thanks!

Thanks for all good questions that gives me a direction what it is all about.
Going to look this through thoroughly as pretty new on vdmx but lovin it.
I get back to you :)