Effects stop working when project is reopened

I am having a problem with some effects not working when a project is reopened.

I have applied the Vidvox RGB Trails 2.0 to a layer. It works fine, and the on/off button enables and disables the effect. I saved the project.
When I reopen the project, the effect no longer works. The on/off button toggles state, but the effect isn’t applied at all.

I’ve seen this behavior with a couple of different effects. Any idea what is going on?

VDMX version b0.
macOS version 12.6.7 (21G651)

did you try to “Update Preset and Save Project” on the File menu ?

Yes, I use command-s, which according to the menu is “Update Preset and Save Project”.

This is easily reproduced:

  • Create a new project
  • Add a single video to the media bin and select it
  • Add the Vidvox RGB Trails 2.0 to layer 1
  • The effect should be visible
  • Save the project (option-s)
  • Exit VDMX
  • Launch VDMX and open the project you just saved
  • The effects are not applied

Use RGB Trails 3.0.fs

I think the one your using is a old Quartz Composer version that may make use of some OpenCI that no longer works.

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Thanks! Looks like that did the trick.