Downloaded ISF not showing up in source dropdown

I’ve nabbed a bunch of isf and loaded them into library/graphics/isf yet they don’t show up in vdmx under the layer sources dropdown. Many show up and work from when I first loaded vdmx a year or so ago but in the last couple updates any new isf that i download and copy to the isf folder just don’t appear in the dropdown. I"ve gone to preferences and hit the refresh all lists button but that didn’t help either. I can get some of them to work by dropping them into the media bin so I know they work, but just won’t load or show up otherwise. Is this another case of me missing some dirt simple step?

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HEY! Lol! Thanks, the second path seems to have done the trick after a restart and refreshing the lists. Didn’t even know there was another path/location for isf. Wasn’t trying to be rude, just rewrote my question about a half dozen times in attempts at increasing understandability and then smashed send and ran out to meet my wife! Thanks again for the help!