DMX Lighting - colours don't match

Hi Team - I use a Enttec ODE MK2 (ARCNET) to connect my lighting fixtures to my VDMX platform via DMX. It all works great - except when I choose a solid source of colour in VDMX to represent the lighting colour it does not match the output colour. I can work around it and eyeball the colour I want from the lights, but it really frustrating to have to remember that when I want red on stage, I have to hit green on VDMX. Is there any way around this? Can I calibrate VDMX to match my lights?

Thanks everyone!


Sounds like you need to switch from
RGB to GBR. Should be possible. Common „problem“.


cool! How do I do that?

Guess that’s not possible … maybe look into the Entec control surface? I have a pixel controller which lets me change that. Or use MadMapper which is pretty nice for led pixelmapping – they put a lot of effort into these features where as VDMX is more of a proof of concept :stuck_out_tongue: (no offence)