How do I delete all saved assets and all saved projects?


You could delete the project file.

Or just open a new Project in the mainMenue, it will ask for a name and then u got a blanked Project. If U nead to dellet the Vids of the demoProject or so u dellt it to the best in the Directory wear VDMX put that by his install. Bud in Apple-DirectoryOrganization i’m out of range. Ask in google for that.

& Don’t forget to togle “Save” U new createt project eatch time befor U quit VDMX5.

Have fun dear Annika

Alright where in the program do I find saved projects the one´s I saved in the project :slightly_smiling_face: ?


In the vdmx program? Not saved ones on my computer.

.vdmx5 project files are usually in your documents folder. The rest of VDMX’s locations can be found at the bottom of the manual: