Cv signal to vdmx

HI there:

I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with using an eurorack control voltage signal to change a control in VDMX. I have been exploring cv to midi devices, and they can get pretty complex and expensive, and I don’t want to lose the continuous nature of the CV. I was thinking of some DC coupled A/D converter like Expert Sleepers ES 8, and that would be fed into VDMX’s audio analysis module. Does anyone do anything similar to this? Before I start buying anything I thought I would ask here.



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I’ve used MIDI modules (wired and wireless) for two way communication and a mixing desk with a built-in USB audio interface. But the Expert Sleepers solution looks to be the way to go (but expensive). Have a look at what Joshua Ellingson @ellingson is doing, he might have some thoughts on this.

Joshua Ellingson (Instagram)

So you have tried a USB audio interface to route your CV to VDMX. I was thinking of trying that out, although I assume I am going to fry the interface at some point. ES is expensive but I understand it works well.

Thanks for the suggestions. I am going to do some more research and report back here when I have found my solution.

Thanks 2bit!

Hi. Thanks for thinking of me, 2bit. For getting CV into VDMX, I sometimes use a Befaco VCMC module. It’s also a nice little MIDI controller with cool red faders and LED buttons. However, it could be overkill. Befaco also makes a smaller module called CV Thing, which is a condensed version of the VCMC. All that said, these days I’m usually just using the Audio Analysis to isolate areas of the waveform from audio piped in to an open port on my audio interface from a VCA or something on my synth. VDMX’s Audio Analysis is a such a handy envelope follower. If you go the Audio Analysis route, it might be a good idea to connect a Control Surface plugin slider to an Audio Analysis filter and then apply a Smooth modifier from the Num FX Chain options, so that you get a more even envelope. Good luck!


Yep, I’m more inclined to favour the audio route particularly as jonncgiles is looking for a smooth continuous signal. Also a good point about looking at the audio analysis plugin as an envelope follower, lots of scope for messing with the signal there.

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Hi there Ellingson and 2bit and the rest of the gang.

I have decided to go with the suggestions to break out an audio signal from my set up and route that specially for audio analysis. If I can afford it in the future I’ll think about an ES8, but right now I can’t afford it.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestions and support.