Custom themes?

Hey all!

Over the years we’ve seen some awesome custom themes posted on FB / Twitter… maybe let’s start a thread for posting screenshots and theme files?


It’s still a work in progress … tried to make it fit a little to the new dark theme in macOS. Will post my theme when I think it’s good.


Yes please! I’ve lost an old amazing theme from the prior forum that I desperately miss. Love VDMX, but I need my old dark mode!


My theme is optimised for dark environments with high screen brightness. (9.0 KB)


The old forums still exist for archival purposes, I found this thread that had some links…

this one still seemed to be active, and maybe @XedMada still has the one he linked to?

I would love to use your template! It looks awesome!

Here is the template I have been using for a few years:

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Here are two themes that I found posted online… can’t seem to find the credits for the original authors at the moment :( (8.9 KB) (10.3 KB)

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My theme…

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HI There, I made this color theme, a bit dark OSX, style, but fresher on the highlights… might need some tweaking. Enjoy!! (9.7 KB)


Not mine, but I recalled this fun high contrast theme featuring Patricio Gonzalez Vivo’s Pixel Spirit Deck. The theme was made by Colin Evoy Sebestyen and featured on the Vidvox blog:

Direct link to the Project+theme here:


Hi folks,

Here’s my red / green dark theme.
I left the Workspace & UI inspector and the FX settings intentionally white.
It creates some contrast with the other elements, and might encourage to close them up when not used. Feel free to use it :slight_smile: (8.8 KB)

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Hey that’s my theme! Glad you are still using it! I haven’t been part of the new forums just joined again.

@gnomalab would you mind sharing your theme/template? Would love to check it out.

This one hurts my brain ;-)