Curves/levels tools to adjust shadows/highlights? "FCPX color wheels" tool?

Anyone know of an curves, levels or tonal balance IFS or plugin to adjust primarily luminence highlights and shadows, but great with also hue and saturation? Preferably much like FCPX’s color wheels, but happy to learn alternatives as long as it can do the sorely needed work. I’ve not found any internal plugin (or combo) to gently correct and tone images like in FCPX/Adobe/etc.

My workaround so far has been to create a collection of LUTs specifically designed to do this for me, that works okay in some cases but not always, when needing multiple adjustments it gets really inelegant.

(If anyone knows how to program a custom IFS handling these tasks, I’d be very open to hire you to create one.)


For different reasons (can’t use LUT with my version of MBP) I would also be interested in a more advanced module/plugin to make fine color corrections.

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Ah, I know how to make a shader like that… I’ll look into it next time I am writing some shaders.


So, the interface isn’t those nice color wheels (though I know how to make those too), but here is the math that I think is behind that, aka Lift Gamma Gain, as a shader,


Thank you David, that works great and is very, very useful!

IMHO bread and butter tools like this can be just as important to VDMX as new technological implementations, I’m very grateful for these unassuming but highly practical tools. :pray:

PS, is there a quick GUI trick to manipulate all three/four sliders of a RGBA effect to the same value simultaneously? (I know I can create a Control Surface slider)

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I don’t know exactly what you want but I added two sliders … is that what you want? Look at the code the sliders are called all and allcolor


Aha! That is not what I thought of, but that is very useful too, indeed! Thank you.

What I meant; most often I need to adjust highlights and shadows in all channels equally, which to me means adjust all RGB sliders to the same value, like this example:

Gentle adjustments that are the same in all three so color balance is kept: Lift is 0.4 for all channels, gamma is 0.21 for all and Gain is 0.29 for all. It is more rare that I need to adjust each channel separately, but it does happen too.

That is not only for this effect, it is valid for all effects with RGBA controls. The need to adjust all three simultaneously happens way more often than need for individual channel adjustments. I was hoping for a trick (modifier key, option etc) so I could adjust one and the others would follow simultanteously.

(This is actually artistically more important than time-saving, because the way it works now, with adjusting R and then G and then B to the same value, this shifts the hues of the image during this process and then I loose my aesthetic “sense” and goal when colors are whacked out of balance, hard to explain, but its like tuning a violin when somebody else tunes another violin next to you, its hard to focus exactly right, but doable, but needs double-extra focus and double-checking, maybe it makes sense…?)


Switch to HSV under the color plane?

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Thank you!!! (So embarassing that I didn’t know this but also so glad that I asked this and your patience in understanding, holy shit this will save me so much time!)


Would be nice if that was default - I forget about it as well from time to time :sweat_smile:

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Hey ! Sorry; I’ve been working on other things and I haven’t been back on the forum for a while. Thank you for your job, I’ll make some tests in the following days and come back with feedback :ok_hand:

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