Cue list

I have used VDMX for theater show. I have build a kind of media player with multiple media bins, each one is a page and go to a layer that goes to specific places in a multiscreen output. I have a media bin that has transparent png in it that is used to trigger the others media bins who have the media (don’t know if it is clear as my english is pretty bad).
Well i’ve controlled all that with Vezer which is a osc timeline and everything work quiet like a charm, the show went perfectly well for all the representations.
The timeline simple trigger the first media bin, just sometime a cue in my timeline can trigger 5, 10 or more clips in specific time.
So, after building all that i then thought it would be great and maybe better to control all that true the vdmx cuelist directly in order to get ride of the timeline app, first reason were to get a better ui. At the end it is just triggering the next clip on a media bin nothing more albeit one cue can sometime be followed by other automatically in specific time.
So i tried and it is very strange as then everything goes kind of crazy, it seems that the cuelist is completely lost with all those pages in the media bins, like if suddenly there was alot of work for the program to do albeit it is just triggering next clip…
I suppose i’m doing something wrong and was wondering if anyone came across the same ? Once more it work perfectly with any osc timeline be it vezer or other opensource options, but as soon as i use the vdmx cuelist everything goes crazy.


Not sure what you are specifically describing here, it sounds like maybe a combination of some confusion and maybe a bug or problem of some sort?

  1. Here is a tutorial on the cue list which might help,

  2. Here is the documentation on the cue list,

  3. If you have any problems that can be demonstrated / reproduced, please send us a bug report from the Help menu!

thank’s for the answer, i will try then again so i can send a bug report,
Actually it doesn’t really but, it just become kind of slower, like if there was too much things, without it work like a charm. . . So i’ll try to do bug report but nothing crash so i don’t know if it is possible.
Thank’s again