Cue list / timecode start at 0!

Hi there! This is my first post so apologies if this has been covered elsewhere (I’ve looked and can’t find anything)…

I’m having an issue with getting the Cue list to start at 00:00:00.00. I’ve got a Timecode plugin being generated by LTC from another machine which is working perfectly - and I want to use the Cue List to trigger various clips, taking it’s sync from the timecode. However, no matter what I try I can’t get the cue list (format SMPTE) to start at 00:00:00.00 - it just adds a frame so it reads 00:00:00.01 and then the sync to Timecode also adds a frame. If I add a new cue for say 00:00:05:00 - it also adds a frame - so everything is running a few frames out of sync.

This doesn’t appear to happen in the tutorial I’ve seen - has anyone else had a similar issue? Am I missing something really obvious?

I’m running VDMX b8.7.2.4 on macOS 11.7.3


I’m not sure why that is. I’ve asked David about it. I know the free TimecodeClock application starts at .00, but if you want to start at 0 exactly in VDMX then switching it from SMPTE to seconds or index will let you start at 0.

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