Cue list clips are triggered even if playback point is later timecode than cue point

Not sure if this is a bug or how the cue list is supposed to work so hopefully someone can help me…

I have a 45 min show - central sync between VDMX and audio system via LTC with Timecode plugin - audio presses play on their system and mine follows suit - works a treat. I have a set of clips being triggered by the cue list (again, works well) - however if we jump forward in the timeline and play from there, all clips with cues prior to this TC load and play (ie, we hit play at 20 mins and clips cued at 5 mins load and play). I have multiple layers setup across a dual screen output so there are quite a few clips that can be playing at any stage.

I’ve not used the cue list before, but it doesn’t seem like it should be the case? If we hit play at any point on the timeline and the cue list is in sync with the TC (which it is) then it seems like it should only cue clips that post that point (and not prior). It’s not an issue for playing live, but for rehearsing it’s a bit frustrating to not be able to jump in at any given point without having to clear a load of clips from earlier in the cue list.

Hopefully that makes sense - I might not have worded it brilliantly. :grimacing:

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How is your cue list setup?

I’d make sure you have loop playback off with SMPTE, and make sure your transition settings are set to jump and not linear. For me, this jump to time works using an external Timecode plugin.

Hey Cornelius - thanks for the reply - much appreciated. So my list is setup like this

Loop playback is off. The timecode is coming as LTC from Ableton and that works fine. I have cues setup as per

However the Data-Sources inspector is empty - maybe this is my issue? Can you explain how this should look in relation to my cues?

Are you sharing the timecode locally on one machine or syncing with an analog source?

If you are doing this locally, or over a network, I would recommend trying MTC.

And Ableton Link is also an option (recommended by Ableton for sync).

I’m syncing from Ableton on another machine via LTC (as an audio feed). This aspect seems to be working fine - although I am maybe mis-understanding the process as I’m new to this setup.

The issue is that clips are triggering at points when they shouldn’t:

  • If we start playing from Ableton at (say) 20 mins into the timeline, the TC sync works perfectly (the TC picks up the sync and the Cue List reads it fine - jumping to the correct point) - however any clips in the cue list prior to 20 mins are triggered, even though we are past the point they should have been triggered.

  • If we play the show from 0 and let it run, everything triggers correctly, but it seems that certain clips then re-trigger at random points later on, even though there is no trigger set-up for them. Loop is off and I’ve set each clip to Cut to black on it’s own loop mode setting.

I may be wrong of course but it doesn’t seem like the cue list should be behaving like this?

Work around seems to be adding an eject trigger for layers at certain points - maybe that’s a simple way to sort it.

Can you share screenshots of your cue list settings, and include your project file for us to take a look at?


Yes will do - prob be later today or tomorrow morning. Thanks.

Cue list settings:

Adding the eject cues at 00:10:03.24 and 00:32:03.01 have stopped the main issue of the clips triggering again after their cues.

Project file: Dropbox - vn_06_collapse_b2_02.vdmx5 - Simplify your life