Crossfade between presets


hi, i have 4 LED screen to feed from a single 4k output.
I would like to set up a look using multiple layers. Lets say 4 layers (1 for each screen).
Then save that as a preset.
Then set up another look, and save that as a preset.

Then I would like to crossfade from look 1 (preset 1) to look 2 (preset 2).

Currently if I use presets to save these looks, it fades through black.
Am I using presets incorectly.
Or should I approach this differently?

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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short of using 2 machines, not sure how to fade btwn presets - other than fading to black, and having the 2nd preset start at black then fade up, but that’s not what you are looking for.

not sure how much computer this would require, but you could essentially set up 8 layers (2 sets of your 4 channel set up), and link a 2 channel mixer to mix btwn them.