Crashes on OSX


I am trying to move from Modul8 to VDMX. Finally!
However, on OSX High Sierra, the first two times I opened VDMX, it stalled after some very simple interaction. Spinning wheel of death + ‘not responding’ in the Activity Monitor of OSX. So, it doesn’t really crash, it just stalls and become unresponsive. Therefore, I don’t get a crash report. But I have saved a ‘sample’ from the Activity Monitor while VDMX freezes - and included it here

    • crash: When resizing a window
    • crash: Clicking ‘show input’ on the webcam source. It tried again after restarting VDMX and it crashes again…

So, what’s up? Is this normal? If so, it’s of course not possible for me to use VDMX after all. Any ideas what the problem could be?

Br, Donleavy

01 Sample of (39.4 KB)



b8.7.2.10 is 10.13+. For 10.10, you’ll want to use an older version of VDMX. Possibly: b8.2.3.2?

Let me know if that version works for your older OS.