Cosmic livestream with simultaneous audio and video looping


Hi Everyone,

I am a primarily a musician and new to VDMX as of the last 7 months or so. This project has been a pandemic labor of love. Basically I use VDMX with Bangnoise’s Quartz Composer video sampler plugin and Ableton Live to create a cosmic livestream with simultaneous audio/video looping, effects and animations. I use my sitar, overtone singing, daf and other percussion concoct a raga minimalism with psychedelic drones, primal rhythms and lot of improvisation. It’s a little nuts to play all the instruments and mix the audio and video live but hey. I am curious if anyone else has tried anything technically similar and would generally appreciate any tips and comments. Still working on perfecting the AV sync, even though it is all quantized, it goes off over time.

This link is from my debut performance using this setup, as part of a weekly series from Brooklyn Raga Massive, a raga inspired music collective where I am an Artistic Director. In addition to sections of performance, I discuss and show my setup. I am looking to start a regular live-streaming series in the near future.

Here are some elements of my setup:
new imac 32g ram
Akai APC40 MKII to control Ableton and many knobs programmed for VDMX functions
Oxygen midi keyboard used as a footpedal (weird I know - I sit on the ground to play sitar)
to start and stop recording of audio/video loops and control video scenes and effects
ipad and TouchOSC bridge to control some other video functions

Special thanks to VDMX and the team for supporting artists with a discount exchange. I am happy to share what I have learned.

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