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Hello. I’m a new user of VDMX. I added a Control Surface plugin and it’s working great to control various sliders and buttons with the OSC Query web interface. But it’s a one-way communication, meaning the control surface plugin does not react when I change the sliders in the UI. Is there a way to change this behavior?



In the button UI you can use the send tab, to “send” your slider values out. Could you share some screen shots of your setup? In the send tab, you can hit the + icon and add an output, then chose where you’d like to send it.



Sure, here’s a screen capture to show the problem with a simplified setup.

I looked at the FX slider inspector send pane, but the only options are OSC, MIDI, or DMX.
I also looked at the control surface slider receive pane, but that doesn’t show UI sliders as a data source.



There are a few ways to link sliders, one way to do it is with the IAC driver (you’ll might have to enable it on your Mac)

Please let me know if this works for you.


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Great thank you, this is working. I found that the MIDI detect sometimes doesn’t work, so I had to double-click the receiver and manually type in the control string like /MIDI/ch. 1/ctrl [1].

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There are different portions of OSC Query.
There is the plugin
And there is enabling OSC Query for your
Control Surface plugin.

You only need the OSC Q plugin when you want to have a control surface created that represents and external OSC Query Server

When you open the web for the OSC Web interface there is an option on the top left that enables two way communication.

Also there is a browser restriction with Java something like loading local files. If you search OSC Query I’ve posted about it in the forums here.

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