Control over web inputs

So not sure if this is even possible but I’ll ask the hivemind.

When feeding in a Web URL as a clip sources is there any way of controlling the content of that web feed?

In my case I’m using OBS.Ninja to feed a live webcam feed into VDMX from a remote DJ. I then apply effects and mix them with other content. A quick screen shot below you can see that the web page has overlays (full screen button, player controls, etc) that can be hidden if I’m looking at it in a browser but no option to do so in VDMX (that I can see).


OBS.Ninja does offer a windowless app called OBSN.Electron that I could use as a window capture rather than using the web feed but the app is always on top so not really idea. Will ask Steve (the developer) if that can be addressed on their end.

All sorted… turns out there is an advanced setting that I’d missed in the documentation that hides the UI elements. :slight_smile:

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