Colourlab AI, please spare some crumbles for us?


Congrats Vidvox team on Colourlab AI, this looks like a powerful deluxe tool. I could def use that both in prepping of clips and offline mastering. Though costwise it is out of scope for many of us I assume. But hoping this becomes an important funding vector for Vidvox, which ultimately benefits all of us :slight_smile:

I’m sure you already have this mind, would perhaps some kind of trickle-down rain of this benefit us realtime VDMX soldiers? Grading the master output for consistent tone and look for a whole segment or even set is often a huge part of my work, and it has to be realtime responsive. (Thank you for the LGG filter, now I get why you could fix that so fast!)

Some kind of redux-optimized realtime version of this would be super sweet, either as a filter, or baked into the app. :pray:



Colourlab Ai does look awesome. I’t not that expensive if you jump in now. $99 t become a Factory Driver and you get a full year license once it launches. :slight_smile:

Adding some of that intelligence to VDMX would be pretty interesting tho.



it‘s already sold out sadly.

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