Colour layer source or False Colour FX with swatches from text file



Anyone created a layer source or colour replacement FX which reads swatch values from a text file? I will have a go at making one in Vuo but any examples would be good.





Ok, so I decided on two simple methods. (1.) Using the built-in ISF Soild Color source and colour picker using a swatch exported from ColorSlurp ( (2.) A custom RGB Soild Color.vuo source for inputting RGB text values (comma delimited string) from ColorSlurp (template: %[rgb.r], %[rgb.g], %[rgb.b], %[alpha]).

Now when I start making a scene change between DJ sets I can load a specific swatch and use the color picker to start remapping the colours on solid layers. This method gives me some flexibility over presets because of the swatch preview… and instead of jumping to a totally new scene I can transition at my own pace.

Nothing groundbreaking, more about planning than anything.

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