Color detection to trigger multiples effects

hey, is that possible to create a way for vdmx detect colors coming from an external video source, that could trigger effects? I mean, could be possible to detect diferent colors in a single video and trigger multiples effects, each one triggered by a single color simultaneously that could be updated on the fly as the video change colors?

who is the genious that can solve this mistery? please help! :) and have a good day.

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Interesting idea. I can see how this would be super useful.

yes, one can automate effects chains, by the colors of chained videos. also, sofisticate your video moods, not just with colors but with sets of effects :sunny:

I’ve had good luck creating Vuo plugins for VDMX to achieve this sort of thing: The ‘community edition’ of Vuo is now free :slight_smile:

hey there! I have some funds for someone develop this idea, any one is interested?

all the best!