Hi everybody. I am not familiar with this software or any video software. I am an assistant photographer and for a job it was asked to me to find a software which could create the clone effect that you can see in the linked video. Do you think that with vidvox it would be possible to have this effect live while shooting? So that the client would be able to see it during takes. Thanks for your time!



Take a look at the feedback loop template when opening up VDMX.

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Thanks! So all of this is possible whilst shooting? Like directly on the monitor where the video is showing? thx



Yep, a live feedback loop is possible.



I would just go the green screen route. Much more controllable and easier to set up the copies with two additional layers with Layer Position + Mirror FX. This method won’t effect the background whereas a single FX on the camera feed with background will effect the whole scene.

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Hi! I’ll be honest with you. I really don’t know the terms you’re using! I am no expert about anything that is video related. How would you suggest I should proceed? I need this effect LIVE while shooting, so that the client can see it in the monitor.

Sorry for my ignorance!

Hope you can help me