Clock Displays


So a while back I was trying out a few ideas for displaying the date / time with shaders.

These were the three sketches I had made at the time; I’d love to make more of these but haven’t had any other thoughts on designs.

What are some of your favorite clock representations? Maybe we can recreate some of them?

Digital Clock:

Radial Clock:

Bar Clock:




Oh nice!



Is there a isf that can read incoming or generated timecode and display it on a layer?. Would be nice to have timecode displayed larger in the app that is currently possible.



Check out this Timecode example project from the course,
(this shader is just adapted from the digital clock ISF example so that it runs off a slider receiving non-normalized values instead of using the current date-time)



Most years I am tasked with being the New Years Eve projectionist… which always entails being the countdown clock person. I always use this qtz one with analog hands, as I can style the hands myself. But, I also need a countdown, so have a VDMX setup with two I can turn on for the countdown part… works great. But, QTZ, so outdated! Great to see these moving to isf.




Thanks for the digital clock. It works fine. I mean worked fine on VDMX.
After I opened in ISF Editor and changed some things, just playing around ISF as this is my first time, some error message appered and ISF Editor saved automatically the changes so now the digital clock is a full white screen and I don’t know how to restore it. Even if I remove this file from VDMX folder it still in VDMX ISF’s list. Can you please help me? Thanks