Clips Transition in the same Media Bin (Resolume-like)


Would love to know if there’s a feature in development any time soon (or on a possible V6 release ;), that allows us to fade between clips of the same Media Bin, all within the same Layer, the same way Resolume is doing with its “Layer Transition Control”.

I have been experimenting with triggering next clips in a single Media Bin through the use of a layer’s “Time Remaining” control, assigning then to a crossfader an LFO ramp to fade between the two clips. All of this though, it has to be done with 2 separate layers, 2 separate Media Bins, and tricky to get the correct timings of crossfade of each clip properly.

I am not aware if there is a better way of doing so (maybe through some coding or creating a specifc module in VUO?), and if so, I would be very happy to have some more infos reguarding this shared by the forum :) .

I believe It would be really nice to have this feature integrated in the media bin interface at some point in the future anyways.
It would make VDMX very handy also for vjing sets and/or shows in which a queue from one clip to the next has to be smooth and based on a specific timed transition, and for some more smooth “autopiloting”.


I get this need, and have thought of doing similar. The best I could get though is with a long blur or freeze frame when doing the clip change in your media bin. If the blur is on the layer, it can “ease” that “hard cut” transition. This works great for slideshow stills in one media bin.

To do what you’re asking, VDMX would need to “buffer” the next clip for the transition time. Not trivial.

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Yeah, I’m using some motion-blur effect also (such as VVMotionBlur) to do certain transitions. The thing is that it would have to be triggered manually, or if you want to automate the operation for each media bin, it would be very intricate and anyways limited.

I know this “next clip buffer and transition” would cost more than having an immediate clip change in the Media Bin, but an option to do so would be sooo helpful…

For how amazing VDMX is in most of its aspecs (I’m still on OSX only for this single software), this limitation has been bugging me for a while, and made me recently shift to other softwares and OS in order to work at some shows and setups.

I really hope that Vidvox would do something about this - if its an option that is at least considered in one of the next releases.


What would get me there is a proper video buffer. There’s a QTZ based video buffer that doesn’t work anymore in M1 macs. But, that buffer would allow me to fade it up and down to do transitions on a single layer through the buffer. Like how we’re doing with those stills and VVMotionBlur… I see the problem with any single channel mixing as having that buffer.

interesting - I’m actually working on an Intel i9 based platforml, QTZ might work, would you have any hint on how to integrate that ? U think it could be anyhow translated into VUO language as well somehow?

This is one feature I’m also hoping to have.