Clamp values


I have Audio analysis controlling the width of a clip.

Because of a bit of background hum, I can see a small thin line of the clip when no audio is played. Obviously because the width never reaches 0, but only very close to zero.

Is there any way to clamp the values coming from the Audio Analysis so that they only send something to the width fader if the value is above 0.1 or so? Or could this be done with math on the slider somehow (I still haven’t tried applying math to anything in VDMX yet), something like “If input < 0.2 then the value = 0. Else incoming value = value”

Or how should I go about this? I know I can clamp values of a slider, but I guess this wouldn’t help, since I need the incoming values to be clamped/scaled.

I hope you can help! I just moved to VDMX and I am happy about it so far (except I get a lot of crashes here on OSX High Sierra. I still havn’t figured out why yet…)

Br, Donleavy



I will answer this myself!
I applied a Lookup Curve in the Number FX chain of the slider controlling the width slider!


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Hi Don - You can set thresholds with the inspector of a slider,
which can easily let triggers only happen in certain ranges -