Choosing an ArtNet device



I have been wanting to expand my visuals using lights (and possibly lasers) but wondering where to start… someone told me to just get a cheap ArtNet node and a dimmer pack to begin with some lights, but I didn’t get a chance to get clear product suggestions…

I know a simple and reliable product is the ENTTEC Open DMX Ethernet shown in this VDMX tutorial:
But I was wondering if there were other cheaper device options out there. What do you guys suggest?



Not sure what purpose you are using it for, but Advatek Pixlite is an LED pixel controller with a DMX out. ~$129

Last USB to DMX box I made was from a $5 FTDI chip. (pros and cons for the DIY DMX route).

Madmapper recommends the showjockey boxes and recently I bought a ADJ Products EZ Kling is an RJ45 to DMX for $100 and it works great.

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Thanks for the suggestion! LED pixel controllers sound interesting… thought I’m looking more into standard show lights to put on stage or in the space.

haha, yeah, I considered the DIY route when I saw this tutorial using an FTDI chip as you mentioned: haven’t tried it yet though. What are the pros and cons?

However if it’s just USB to DMX, does it work with ArtNet in VDMX? Because I thought that was only possible using Ethernet.



The pros are a working USB DMX device for under $10. The Cons are a lot of FTDI chips are fake and can malfunction. On top of that, Apple / Mac does not play will with the FTDI chips and the drivers. Two out of the three FTDI chips I ordered were bad. It took a lot of head scratching before I realized it. Then after getting the one working, I still had to play around with enabling/disabling the FTDI driver, multiple computer restarts, and various USB ports before it became stable. Definitely not a professional solution.

That being said, the ADJ EZ Kling is the least expensive Artnet DMX device that I have found (plus you can skip the USB and send everything over network). It’s larger than the Enttec’s, but also half the price and works about the same.



I’m looking to control some led tube using this interface Enttec ODE Mk2 with POE
any recommandations using Ethernet and VDMX for dmx control ?