Can we expect ISF Editor for linux?

Hi everyone,

ISF editor is a really nice tool, can we hope to see it running (natively) on linux one day?
I did not test if the Windows version is working on Linux via Wine.
I also tried to built the app from github, no success so far.

Thanks in advance for any reply/suggestion.

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Welcome "totorito":person_tipping_hand:

In connection with my planned 2nd edition of ISF based plugins for Resolume Arena, I would like to draw your attention to my today’s post here. If you have knowledge of GLSL and would like to work on a project, this might interest you.

“free ISF Desktop Editor of VIDVOX”

Have you now tried to see if it can run under Linux via Wine?

Then you would be ready to support me.

Unlikely that VIDVOX will release ISF Desktop Editor for Linux since they do not have any Linux based applications.

You can use other applications for GLSL shaders on Linux: