Buttons unresponsive and attributes in inspectors are black bars


Hmmm, a weird recent problem that has made VDMX unusable. I’m running Monterey 12.6 on an M1 Pro. This issue seemed to come out of nowhere… no system updates that I’m aware of and I can’t think of what could have changed to make this happen…
All toggle buttons/sliders/etc. are unresponsive… or rather they will respond to a mouse click/movement but the buttons/sliders themselves do not move or change. And various attributes in the inspector windows are empty and replaced with a black box. (As in attached image.)
I tried downgrading VDMX to previous versions, as well as attempting to uninstall completely and do a fresh install.
One question is: What specifically do I need to delete to do a complete install? I deleted the app itself and the VDMX folders in Application support in the Library, but perhaps there is more to uninstall? Otherwise, any clue what this issue is and how to fix it?
Thanks so much!



Seems like you’re running an older version of VDMX. Are you using the latest build for your OS, b8.8.0.5?

Easiest way to uninstall, is drag the app to trash, remove, then reinstall from the latest .DMG



I do have b8.8.0.5, as well as an older version. (It was recommended that I try downgrading my version before for a separate issue.). I tried uninstalling and reinstalling anyway, but still have the same problem. Deleting the app doesn’t really uninstall, though, and it’s “remembering” settings from before, like the most recent project, etc. Is there are a more complete uninstall process? (Other than deleting folders in Application Support which I already tried)



You might have already done these steps, but in case not: I had an issue (long startup times) that was solved by deleting the app, then emptying the trash, then restart the system, then re-downloading the installer of that very same version from VDMX website, then installing that once again.

If you haven’t tried all of these steps it’s not a lot of effort to just try them. Might not fix your issue but that magically solved mine, no idea why.

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Yes, let us know if you uninstall and reinstalled the way @GMM mentioned. If it still doesn’t work, file a bug report using the built in bug reporter via the help menu.