Buffering(freezing?) occurs in the video during playback

I have been using vdmx for a long time.
But there is one small issue since the version of Mavericks.

One problem with this …
Buffering(freezing?) occurs in the video during playback.

Appears in default without any settings.
Other PCs have the same symptoms.

Test results

Loads 30 folders and 40 images on the media blank window and plays randomly or at a constant time twice as fast.

After a certain period of time, the cpu occupancy rises to 100 ~ 140%, buffering(freezing?) occurs at the same time, and it goes down again after a while. (Repeats over time)

If you assign 40 images to 15 folders in the same way, it works normally.

There is no such problem in Mavericks, but I do not know why.

“Please let me know how to resolve this issue.”

Current Mac
iMac (27-inch, Late 2013)
3.5 GHz Intel Core i7
16GB 1600 MHz DDR3
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4096 MB

mas os high Sierra 10.13.6

I can not speak English
Ask questions using Google Translator
Please read carefully.

If the processor usage spikes to 100, it usually means you are decoding a type of video file that cannot be played with GPU hardware.
That is, it is not a HAP file but some kind of Quicktime file.
If you use HAP for encoding your files, you will not use hardly any processor time.

thank you for the reply.

But there is no solution.

Currently all images are hap 1280 x 720 75% using AVF Batch Converter.

It is in use after encoding.

The hard disk is using ssd.

Link Note Please check the pictures and pictures.


I found a rough problem.

Its starting source is in Media Bin.
Putting a large amount of clips or video sources on the media bin will start freezing and cpu loading
Up to 20 folders with 40 clips per 720p average will work fine
However, if you put more than 1200 clips in more than 30 folders, freezing and cpu load will start
Not available if more than 40 folders

This problem did not occur with the 48 folders in the Mavericks VDMX5_b8.2.2.9. The share of the cpu is also kept at 50 ~ 80%, but from the following version until now, all the versions have symptoms like reference video.

I want to use the latest version, but I am using many video files and clips by nature.
What caused the problem?
Or, please advise me if I’m using it wrong.

All codecs are hap 720p 75%.


  1. If you create 40 folders on 2 ~ 3 layers from the initial value of the VDMX, you can see the same symptom.
  2. If you increase the speed of the image, it appears faster.
  3. The same with ui fps and almost all settings.
  4. 5 or more imac & macbook test results same.
  5. The same symptom to use after encoding using avf as original image.

There is no problem only with VDMX5_b8.2.2.9 version in Maverix 10.9.5.

Please find me a good solution.