"Bubbletronic" Animated Video using VDMX5 & Ableton


Duendo Matka & Visua - Bubbletronic
Animated by Animaudio
Neverfield Release AADR2

This music video was animated using VDMX5!
We hooked up all the rendered images and videos and synced it to the music using Ableton live.
Would be awesome to discuss about your questions and also received feedback and or suggestions on what could make them be better, what kind of mood is missing, is it properly synced? what can be done better…
Also what would you like to know? how did we built the spheres? what was the work-flow process for doing the full length video? what kind of planning was required? how did we end up with the final visuals?
What kind of set-up did we do inside VDMX5?

Looking forward to hear your thoughts!

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