Boxinator fx suggestions

I love the Boxinator effect. it is probably one of my favorite effects. kudos to Mojovideotech. However it does break the quality quite a bit sometimes. it introduces A LOT of artifacts. I understand that the fault is also the low quality material, but it is the only effect that I’ve seen so far in VDMX breaking things so much. so my question is:

Does some one have some workaround/advice/suggestion/?
I tried to make a copy of Boxinator and tried to mess up with the .fs file but I just make more damage than good :sweat:
I also tried to put it on a different layer and blending it with the original material but its just not the same.

nb. the way I am using the boxinator effect is by taking the grid x and y to 0. so there are no cubes/lines just a “waving” strobo