Black Magic Intensity Issue

I’ve read the “input” thread where people have talked about the success and issues of using BM hardware with VDMX.

I think I may have an issue with my BM Intensity Shuttle but just want to rule out I am not missing anything on the VDMX end.

Simply put, I am just looking to connect into a live camera feed.

I can see the blackmagic intensity shuttle option for live source, click it and it says connected, but I am just getting a black image.

From the camera side of things, I know my HDMI monitoring out works, as I’ve tested the camera and the cable on HDMI monitors and it outputs with no issue.

I am completely new to VDMX, so I could be missing something quite simple or it’s an issue with the BM hardware.

Many thanks!


Tough to say for sure from this description, but a few notes:

  1. There are some general trouble shooting tips here:

  2. With the BM Intensity Shuttle, if I am not mistaken, the format of the input stream does not auto detect; you’ll need to go into the Vid In section of the Workspace Inspector and manually set the resolution / fps that the device is using for capture.

  3. If that doesn’t help, feel free to send us a Bug Report from the Help menu – be sure to include step by step instructions (eg I tried doing X, then Y, then Z – I expected A to happen but instead B happened), or a screenshot / video that helps demonstrates what you experiencing!

– David @ VIDVOX

Thanks David, I have a million questions regarding the software, this document you sent will be a good starting point for me to get familiar. Can you recommend any other tutorials/resources for myself?

I’d say the best place to start for general tutorials is here:
(this page has a whole range of beginner to advanced topics)

And the documentation pages are also very useful:

You might also enjoy the open source curriculum we’ve been developing as a way to go through VDMX, though this also includes a lot of general video / film / music theory and technique, along with going through and showing how to use parts of the software:

(videos for many of the lessons can be found here: VV Edu on Vimeo)

Great thank you, I am going to test out a couple black magic devices to see if I can eliminate the issue in the chain.